Friday, December 31, 2010

Today is 31 Dis 2010

31 Dis 2010 on Friday. 'The end' of the day on friday also. But i don't know when. As a muslim, we should be prepared. Huu.

"napa u punya tangan macam kayu juga, ringankan saja suda la"

Cess. If i was professional driver, i did not come to learn la! Hampeh. Maybe he has mood swing today and he has make me lose mood Friday! He is too much la. Better u think first before telling the words. Haisshh. Maybe Allah wanted to test my patience. Two words that i learned today that the meaning of patience and pleased. Hmm. Alhamdulillah. May Allah always bless me. InsyaAllah.

Hmm. Back to the topic. waa. Last day for 2010. See u next year. hee. Hmm. I just want to reflect on what has happened this year. All that happened this, i'll never forget in my life because too much sadness of joy. What happened to make more mature and patient face of Allah all these tests also made me appreciate the people around me. I also learned from past mistakes and learn to become better. InsyaAllah.

~uishh. Is it true what i write? Hehe. Only the first attempt to write in English. Thanks to Google translations. Haha. Ok, back to the mood.

Hmm. Too many things that happened this year. As i mentioned earlier, too much sadness of joy. But, all i can use as guide to to face any trial in the future. I will not forget what has happened. Among the events that i can share is:

1. Upon registration at the end of the semester, I dropped the ladder because the stairs are slippery. ~first word that come out from my mouth is "adoi". hehe. So now I still feel the side effects of these incidents.

2. First time to the police station to lodge a report about my friends car which knocked down by foreign students.~all done with good! ;p

3. Plans for a picnic canceled because of the inevitable.~until now we not to go.huhu.

4. Conflicting interpretations of my best friends.~huhu. But now, back to normal. I miss them! huu.

5. There is a problem in completing the final project paper. Thanks a lot to Dr.S who made our project run smoothly.~ Alhamdulillah. Thank God, we all got superb results. hehe.

6. I suffered emotional distress because there was someone who made me upset, and the mood is not good.~hehe. But, still under control. Alhamdulillah.

7. Family problems that I did not expect to happen and has caused the family grief. SubhanaAllah. Only Allah knows what i feel.

8. Hari Raya is celebrated a bit bland. What is seen, not the same as what others think.hmm.

9. I got the first call to attend an interview. ~result until now is not out yet. Huu. hopefully there will be a good news. InsyaAllah

10. I miss examinations because of the inevitable. ~ maybe I'm not a fortune. It is ok and i'll try again.

11. My grandmother was attacked stroke and eventually passed away on 1 Muharam 1432.~Grandma may be placed on the side of those who believe. InsyaAllah. Al-Fatihah.

12. My other grandmother would undergo heart surgery on 5 January 2011. Hopefully it is safe.~InsyaAllah.

That the events that happened this year. I hope what happens in the future better than before. I hope the family and I are always blessed by God in all tests. InsyaAllah.

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