Thursday, December 30, 2010


Its take two to tango. When my body, my eyes, my head, my legs and hands can focus on tv but my mind and my heart? Who knows? Cant make it a tango right? Hehe. I cant receive any points or info. What I see, is not the same as what I think. sometimes felt calm, but sometimes everything is as chaotic. Today, i feel like something ridiculous has happened in my heart and my mind. I don't know why and I don't know how to explain that what i feel. Ouch! Migraine again! and with extra 'beat'. ;p

Its happen after i read someone blog. I admit, before this I also feel the same when i read my friend blog. But, this time it is more deeply and can not be explained with any words. I cried when I read everything she wrote. isk isk. I do not know why I should be crying. But it is easy to tear me to get out. I do not know what really happen but after that I started to feel calm. What she wrote does not match with her age. Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to recognize both of them.

I hope they are destined to be together. It is only with Your permission and blessing. InsyaAllah. Maybe she deserved to him. hehe. InsyaAllah.

~waa..this is my first attempt to 'bebel' in english. hehe. Is it true? or, any an errors in my sentences? hehe. I just want to try something new. Hehe. InsyaAllah May Allah Bless. ~__~

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