Thursday, January 27, 2011


One fiction - by reality - a man
non-fiction - by reality - a women
and a story of reality - both of them
everything seemed to be playing again in front of the eyes

there are
similarities that make me a little bit surprised
i feel it more interesting
is based on the belief that one, Allah
what is shown even more interesting
to be the best guide to life

the story of
reality that has not reached the end
i'm still waiting
i hope it has the same end with a story of both fictions
happily ever after
with the guidelines and stay on the right path

~sorry. i just said what i feel right now. not because of them, but only of Allah. seriously, is not a joke but reality and
these things that have made me a little bit surprised, also seemed to give me guidance to make a right and the best decisions to my life. I hope I'm always on the blessed and guided by Allah. InsyaAllah. ^_^

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